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At SiSa, we partner with business leaders to uncover the underlying culture patterns within their organizations. Through targeted interventions, we facilitate the renewal and transformation of employee mindsets and behaviors, create desired fundamentals and pathways and deliver tailored strategies to align culture with each business's unique needs, and empower our clients and the team to achieve tangible, sustainable results.

Our Story

At SiSa, our journey began with a deep curiosity about the longevity of businesses outside Africa and why similar success stories were less common on our continent. 

Over time, we’ve explored this disparity through extensive research. What we discovered is a fundamental truth: African businesses possess incredible resilience and potential. Yet, despite this inherent strength, many struggle to sustain success over age demographics and even generations.

This realization led us to a critical insight: the key to enduring success lies not just in launching ventures, but in cultivating a culture that sustains it, leaders must integrate a system that help their organizations achieve and sustain peak results.

At SiSa, We define culture as the behavior that brings the vision to life. This definition helps us streamline the culture pattern appropriate for your organization.

While many organizations undergo training and import values, patterns, culture, business models and even behaviors from other climes, these efforts often fall short. Why? Because they fail to address the underlying cultural patterns that shape behavior and drive results. Because the foundations of the business are not designed to absorb these interventions.

At SiSa, we’re passionate about catalyzing culture change for enterprises in Africa. Our approach is rooted in the understanding of our diverse, multi-ethnic and cultural landscapes as well as other sub-cultures and influences that influence daily life on the continent.

We believe that by transforming culture, we can redefine outcomes and drive meaningful change. Our method is clear and actionable:

  1. Culture Assessment: We start by assessing the current cultural landscape within your organization, identifying where you are, your original patterns, your current pattern, dominant behaviors, strengths, weaknesses, and so on.
  2. Culture Initiation: Next, we initiate a process of culture transformation, building a case for change, assembling the culture assets, aligning behaviors with your organization’s vision and goals and then culture mapping.
  3. Culture Design: We work collaboratively to design a culture that fosters growth, innovation, and resilience, installing the appropriate pillars, fundamentals and practices tailored to your unique needs and challenges.
  4. Culture Reinforcement: Finally, we provide immersion and integration pathways and ongoing support and reinforcement to ensure that cultural changes take root and become ingrained in your organization’s DNA.

At SiSa, we’re committed to helping African businesses thrive by harnessing the power of culture to drive lasting change and sustainable results.

Our People

Nnanke Essien
Nnanke Essien Lead Strategist
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Rita Uzo-Unegbu Senior Consultant
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Daniel Owoeye Senior Consultant
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Adewale Osoba Senior Consultant

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